Instructor: Jeronimo Garcia Z.

An Educating Sexologist, Senior Instructor Level 2 of the Universal Healing Tao System (UHTS) of the Grand Master Mantak Chia of Thailand; founder of his own school Universal Living Tao System (ULTS); Sifu in Wing Tsun Kuen, Coach Trainer for the International Council of Coaching Accreditation based in Canada

Message from the Teacher:

Sifu Jeronimo Garcia Z.

"Dear friends of the loving art, I want to share with you that we are launching this fascinating material on Taoist Sexual Alchemy that we have prepared for you and that has already helped thousands of people in the world and that many of these people have testified how these techniques have significantly improved their quality of life.
 These techniques are not only an invaluable help to significantly improve the quality and strength of male erection, but they can even eliminate various sexual dysfunctions, for men and women, as long as they do not have a biological or psychiatric origin, but also, they help us to experience states of increased consciousness, states of ecstasy that are highly healing, we could say that they are true states of illumination, when sexual pleasure becomes so intense, so intense, that it becomes a mystical joy that without a doubt, gives a new meaning to our existence in this world.
 The internal structure of Taoist Sexual Alchemy is undoubtedly one of the best kept secrets for millennia, reserved exclusively for Chinese royalty and cultivated by Taoist monks and nuns; Now these secrets are within your reach, since it is time to a great awakening of consciousness in the world.

 These workshops have recognition in the Universal Healing Tao System of the G. M. Mantak Chia of Thailand, for those people who would like to be certified as instructors within our Taoist lineage".

"The couple that cultivates the Dao embraces infinity in the act of love."  

Learning the Taoist Secrets of Sacred Sexuality

Millennial kept secrets responsibly transmitted to our generation for ensuring a better life, health and sexuality

Upon completion of this course

The student will know :

  • The historical bases of the Tao and the lineage that supports the millennial knowledge of the Taoist practices

  • The worldview of the tao and the relationship with the art of chi kung, understanding the relationship that exists between sex and the spirit

  • The Six Regenerative Sounds that allow the transformation of negative emotions into virtues that heal the internal organs

  • Be able to open the channels of circulation of vital energy, to be able to circulate through them: vital energy, exalted sexual energy and orgasmic energy.

  • (Men): Learn how he can obtain absolute control of the ejaculatory impulse, to cultivate the art of Injaculation and thus avoid the loss of vital energy during sexual intercourse and become a multi-orgasmic man

  • (Women): Be able to experience different types of orgasms that will allow her access to states of healing and regenerating ecstasy, and will be able to lead her partner to experience these states of grace.

  • Know the sexual secrets that slow down the aging process and prevent the symptoms of climacteric, both male and female.

  • Be able to create at the time an integration in the couple of eroticism, sensuality, love and spirituality creating a coexistence strategy to cultivate a healthy couple relationship. ​

Subliming Sexual Energy

Learning the Art of Sexual Alchemy:

Transforming Lead (Base Sexual Energy) into Bronze (Heart, Love Energy) - into Gold (Higher, Spiritual Energy) and therefore refining and transmuting a lesser quality energy into a higher quality energy.

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